We, Bati Anadolu Group, are continuing and improving our investments in environmental and energy efficiency in our Batisoke cement plants in line with the "continuous improvement and development" principles which are a must for the industry.

We have reduced the dust concentration in our Batisoke cement plants below 10 mg/Nm³ as required by our environmental awareness and citizen consciousness. We modernized our electro-filters which have been very below the legal limits and operated by latest technology but cutting the feeding power automatically by self-protecting in power fluctuations, power cuts or in interruptions during the production process. We converted our filters to “Bag Type Filters” which have been possible to use recently in cement plants owing to the developments in bag technology. Upon such modernization in Batisoke, we have reduced the particle quantity in 1 cubic meter below 10mg rather than the legal obligation of 120mg.

In order to be able to generate some part of the electricity of consumption from the heat generated from the production process, we have completed our project on “Electric Energy Generation Plant from Waste Heat” in our Batisoke cement plants. We project that the facility having a capacity of 5,5 MW would generate approximately 24.750.000kWh electricity per year under the scope of our such energy efficiency projects. One of the means used in the production in cement plants is the air of high flow and temperature. The aim in projects is to make use of such clean air of high flow and temperature rates emitted to the atmosphere and to generate electric energy and thus introduce it to national economy. The electric energy to be generated from the project would be used to meet 30% of the needs. Thus, there would also be a decrease in our production costs. Through such project, we would prevent 12.000 tons of carbon emission per year and contribute to the environment with the oxygen quantity as much as provided by 19.000 trees.