Our Environmental Activities

Rehabilitation works to be performed in the Plant mines of BATISÖKE

The purpose of rehabilitation and re-cultivation works performed in open mines where mining activities are terminated is to make the present topography of mine field as harmonious as possible with the natural topography and to prepare the same to agricultural or forestry use. We thus plan to develop the ecological balance in the area again.

For this purpose, the deserted regions in the activity area will be ensured to have harmony with the environment in terms of landscaping in time as the plants and trees grow.

The plants grown in levels and slope regions with greening works in the field are as follows: Nerium oleander (Rosebay), Pyracantha coccinea (Firethorn) Pinus Pinea (Stone pine), Acacia, Thuja (Oak gall),Viola tricolor (Viola) , Vinca Rosea (Periwinkle) were planted in Batısöke; and Cedrus (Cedarwood), Pinus Nigra (Black pine), Cupressus sempervirens (Mediterranean sempervirens), Cupressus arizonica (Arizona Cypress) were planted in Batısöke-Çavdır.

As of the end of 2010, 3550 saplings and 690 flowers were planted in Batısöke and 300 saplings were planted in Batısöke-Çavdır.

Environmental Investments:
  • 3 and 1 biological treatment facility in Batısöke and Batısöke-Çavdır respectively.
  • Gas and dust analyzers having continuous measurement and record
  • Settings and equipment for separating and regular storing of solid and hazardous waste at their source
  • Vapor production by utilizing waste heat removed to the atmosphere
  • Silencers for minimizing environmental noise
  • Vacuum sweepers and sprinklers for avoiding open area dustiness
Environmental Investment Projects:
  • Converting the electro-filters available in rotary kiln no. 2 within the plant into dust bag filters and thus preventing dust emission impossible to take prior precautions in case of energy fluctuations, interruption and initial activation and deactivation.
  • Electric energy production from waste heat.

BATISÖKE applies its policy of tree plantation continuously and increasingly in its areas of activity for the purpose of leaving a greener world for the next generations.

We are aware that the protection and improvement of the environment we live in is an integral part of our lives for a clean and green world. We are always ready to fulfill our duty as a group.